Mark Cuban Denies 2011 Assault Claim

Mark Cuban Denies Assault Claim
Mark Cuban Denies Assault Claim

Mark Cuban is denying a 2011 accusation of sexual assault following a weekly alternative newspaper in Oregon released information of an incident that prosecutors didn’t pursue, stating they didn’t think there was proof to back up the claim.

The report in the Willamette Week in Portland, Oregon, came 2 weeks following a Sports Illustrated account that portrayed a hostilework place for women in the front office of the Mavericks.

The woman claimed Cuban reached inside her jeans and penetrated her vagina with his finger when they were taking a photograph in a Portland nightclub. In an email to The Associated Press on Tuesday, Cuban wrote, “It didn’t happen.”

In a report detailing why they weren’t following the case, prosecutors wrote that “there is no evidence to corroborate the complainant’s statement and there is evidence contradicting the claim.” The report also said the woman didn’t want to move forward with the accusations.

The SI report provided claims of unacceptable sexual conduct by former CEO Terdema Ussery and raised questions regarding what Cuban knew and when.

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